Dr Chintal Patel


Hello, I am Chintal, an NHS GP based in the bustling heart of Central London with over 20 years clinical practice and an award winning food content creator.  I am also a wife to Sam and a mum to two wonderful boys aged 14 and 12 who are my daily inspiration.

I have a passion for nutrition and lifestyle medicine and I am on a mission to transform how families approach cooking and eating. I have extensive experience working with diverse communities, spanning various socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicities, which have given me unique insights into the challenges families face when it comes to preparing and enjoying nutritious meals together. I have worked with many food banks and charities donating both my time as a previous patron and ambassador for Be – enriched (a charity dedicated to ending food poverty) and my expertise by creating an e-book of 50p recipes for guests visiting their community kitchens.

Recognising the common hurdles of time constraints, limited nutritional knowledge and a lack of cooking skills, I am committed to empowering families. My goal is to inspire parents to cook from scratch, providing their loved ones with wholesome, affordable and accessible meals that the whole family can enjoy.  I have written my debut cookbook with this aim in mind and I hope to help to teach families the basics of nutrition as well as how to put that nutrition theory in to practice in their own kitchens. You can find my cook book here:  https://amzn.eu/d/9fIDwSb .  The focus for my book is very much on which foods to include to enhance your diet for optimum nutrition and health – what you can add to your plate – rather than on cutting out or restricting any foods, particularly those that you enjoy. Everything else, from optimum nutrition to maintaining a healthy weight, then falls into place. 

In my role as both a doctor and a mother, I have a deep understanding of the critical role nutrition plays in a child’s life. I firmly believe that good eating habits formed early on have far-reaching benefits. In my book, I share invaluable time-saving kitchen tips and expert advice on feeding picky eaters. I love creating enticing recipes that broaden children’s palates and foster a positive relationship with food. Throughout my book, I share these insights, equipping other families with the tools to nurture healthier, happier lives around the dining table.

I also contribute articles regularly to various publications and podcasts, including BBC Good Food; run cookery classes and health education workshops for adults and children, both privately and at Waitrose Cookery School collaborating with children’s dietitians and Annabel Karmel.  I also develop recipes for selected food brands.

Welcome to my website, a celebration of good food meets good health and where every meal is a celebration of both.

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