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Quick & Easy Healthy Meals under 50p By Dr Chintal Patel

 Author: Dr Chintal Patel  Category: Food, Popular  Published: September 16, 2022  Download

Hello and a huge thank you for purchasing this recipe booklet in partnership with Be Enriched.   Here are my top 10 quick and easy recipes anyone can make. All profits generated from the sale of this booklet will be donated to Be Enriched to further their amazing work within the community helping those affected by food poverty.   I will also be demonstrating the recipes in this booklet at the community canteen in Tooting over the course of the year.  You can read more about their projects or volunteer at any of their community canteens here:

I am a NHS GP with a keen interest in cooking and nutrition. As a working mum I understand the time constraints we all face and sometimes cooking from scratch can feel daunting, time consuming and cumbersome. In this booklet, I wanted to highlight some quick and easy recipes that can be whipped up with minimal time (in between 5-30 minutes) using healthy wholesome ingredients. I’ve tried to minimise the ‘fuss’ associated with cooking from scratch by using cups and spoons as measurements wherever possible. In addition, all the recipes are designed to be made with basic equipment.  If you have a hob, a pan and a spoon you are well equipped to make them all!

Most importantly, I hope you will enjoy the process of cooking these recipes and will be inspired to create more of your own! If you are, I would love to see them, drop me an email on info@drchintalskitchen or via Instagram or facebook @drchintalskitchen.

Happy cooking!

Dr Chintal Patel
NHS GP & Patron for Be Enriched