Using Spice in Children’s Food

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Have you ever wondered how to incorporate more herbs and spices into your baby or child’s diet? Are you worried about when and how to go about this?

Then this FREE e-book download is for you, I’ve teamed up with Lucy Upton, Specialist Children’s Dietitian to bring you a summary of how and why you should be introducing a variety of spices into your child’s diet.

Not only do we discuss how this benefits a child’s eating habits and behaviours long term, we also share tips for how to go about introducing change as well as quick and easy recipes for you to try.

We hope you will enjoy it!


8 reviews for Using Spice in Children’s Food

  1. SCP (verified owner)

    Thank you for your hard work. I can’t wait to try some of these recipes on my children and my husband 😉 x

    • Chintal

      So lovely to hear! I hope you enjoy it! x

  2. Shinal Badiani (verified owner)

    Thanks for the inspiration! Always looking for ways to introduce some spice into the kids food.

    • Chintal

      Fantastic! I hope you enjoy the recipes x

  3. Natalie Morris

    Love this. Some great ideas and recipes to share with the families we work with.

    • Chintal

      Amazing! Thanks so much for the feedback and I’m so pleased you will be able to use the ideas and recipes – do let us know how you get one, Chintal x

  4. Karen Sheffield (verified owner)

    Really interesting information; love the comment about expecting “facial expressions”

    Will definitely share with the families I work with.

    • Chintal

      Fantastic! We would love it to be shared and used – thank you, Chintal x

  5. AVU

    I made the banana pancakes for my little one this morning and they went down a storm – so simple too. So excited to try more of the recipes. Thank you so much!

    • Chintal

      That is so lovely to hear – Thank you for taking the time to feedback! I hope your little one enjoys the other recipes too – the pancakes are a staple in our house and soon he/she will be making them herself for you! Chintal x

  6. Venita Patel

    As a big fan of spices it is brilliant to see these ideas and recipes to use for all ages!! Well done

    • Chintal

      Thank you! We are big fans of spices in our house too! x

  7. Alice

    Brilliant resource! I think it’s so easy to fall into the habit of giving babies and children fairly ‘bland’ food. A lot of the jars/pouches of baby food, in my opinion, can be tasteless! Reading this gives me the confidence to really experiment with flavours and introduce my little one to lots of interesting flavours. This is a very interesting e-book to read and can’t wait to try the recipes!

    • Chintal

      So pleased you found it helpful! Thank you for the feedback – Chintal x

  8. Dhrupti

    I love your e books and even though my kids are older, they love most of your recipes. Looking forward to trying these out. Also a big thank you for getting my kids involved in the kitchen, love how your recipes allow my kids to cook confidently now.

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